So why choose us over other rug companies?

We pride ourselves in providing a quality, quick and reliable service at low prices. We undertake all work in a professional manner, applying strict quality control procedures to ensure the best possible care is taken of every single rug passing through us.

We care very much about our customers, and our agents' businesses and reputations. We will do all in our power to ensure you receive a top quality service as we know that our performance will reflect directly upon those businesses.

We think the following demonstrates our different approach to the industry:-

Many rug companies make an advertised charge for washing and proofing which appears on the face of it very reasonable. Look closer at the pricing because in a lot of instances, there is an extra charge for a combo, neck, de-hairing hairy rugs or even delivery outside a certain radius - We do NOT charge any extras AT ALL.

Many rug companies will make a minimum charge for repairs - We do NOT make any minimum charge. If the price of the work is 50p, that is the price charged to you.

Many rug companies will specify a minimum number of rugs to be collected before they will come out to you - We do NOT put a limit on the number of rugs to be collected from our business customers and will provide our guaranteed 7 day turnaround service regardless of the number of rugs to be collected.



Unlike many rug companies we do NOT outsource our repair work. All repairs are carried out by experienced seamstresses employed in-house by Rug Rescue.

We believe passionately that our business customers should be left free to run their business. If there are queries from customers about repairs required or if any other issues should arise, WE will speak with the customer direct to resolve matters.

Unlike a lot of medium to large size rug companies, one of our friendly drivers will attend to collect the rugs, ensuring every rug is counted in against the documentation and on delivery, counted back out. In 13 years, this simple method has avoided any confusion and has prevented rugs from going missing.

Unlike many other large rug companies we WILL NOT use inferior products on rugs to cut costs. we ONLY use Nikwax products on outdoor rugs and a non-biological, phosphate free detergent on indoor rugs.

All rugs are velcro cleaned, de-haired and hand bagged individually in large, strong, clear bags and each rug is individually tagged.

Call and ask for our full price list. We pride ourselves on providing a premium service at low prices.